A Frame Loader

The “A” Frame Loader is a popular loading-arm configurations due to its flexibility, long reach and convenience of use. Commonly used for tank-truck bottom loading, “A” Frame arms can also be used in top-loading/unloading installations. Inlet flange and seamless piping are suitable for handling liquefied petroleum gases, including propane and butane.

  • 2”–4” sizes available
  • Carbon-Steel, Stainless-Steel and Aluminum options
  • Adjusts for elevation/tilting during loading/unloading
  • Stores in upright, near-vertical position
  • Compact storage envelope allows closer installation proximity
  • Low riser mounting heights
  • Equipped with dry-disconnect coupling, union or other tight-fill inlet
  • Choice of flanged, threaded or all-welded construction
  • LPG service arms (LPG-32-F) feature all-welded construction
  • Fully customizable


  • Easy to operate/maneuver 
  • Eliminates cumbersome hose 
  • Easily stored away from vehicles 
  • For multiple product applications, it can be mounted close to another arm 
  • Can be safely stored to provide for safe clearance of vehicles 
  • Crossover can easily be achieved


Loading Arm Insulation – OPW can provide a Custom Insulation Package designed specifically for your loading arm. Unlike field-applied insulation, these packages are completely removable and reusable, making them the ideal solution for loading arm use. Click here to view Loading Arm Insulation Specifications. 

Grounding/Bonding – Suggested for many top/splash loading applications. Available as an option on all Loading Arm designs. 

Electronic Ground Verification 
The Civacon model 8030 Ground Verification Monitor is compatible with today’s transport ground systems. The monitor is equipped to provide a permissive signal to allow load rack operation and, if ground is lost, to indicate a non-permissive signal and shut down the loading operation.

Safety Breakaway Coupling  
Protects your equipment, piping and personnel in the event of an unintended pull-away. A consideration whenever you are making a tight connection to a truck or railcar. 


Quick & Dry Disconnect Couplings
With OPW, you have many options at your disposal for your loading arm termination connections. From the original quick-disconnect Kamlok® coupling to our Epsilon™ dry disconnect coupling, we have a coupling to meet your needs. 
API Bottom Loading Couplers
Commonly used for loading Petroleum products, OPW provides several options for loading your Petroleum transports. 

Loading Valves

  • 6400 Series Horizontal Valve – OPW Loading Valves are designed to shut off flow without causing shock in the pipeline. 
    • Adjustable closure rate 
    • 3” & 4” sizes, Aluminum Construction 
    • TTMA Flanged connections 
    • Ball Valves (per application/specification)

Pneumatic Counterbalancing – An alternative to conventional spring balanced loading arm, pneumatics provide the ultimate in loading arm design.


All OPW Loading Arms can be customized to fit your specific application requirements. We do offer a series of Standard/ optimized solutions that are commonly specified. These optimized selections can be expedited to meet faster delivery requirements.

3” Bottom Loading Arm
    Ductile Iron/Carbon Steel/ Aluminum Construction
    96” Reach 
    M32F-3 INCH
    Same as above in 4” M32F-4 INCH 




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