Dry Aviation Couplings

The Dry Aviation Couplings are designed for use in aviation and military refuelling systems with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (150 psi). Working temperature range lies within -38oC (-36oF) to +60oC (+140oF), observe that special low temperature seals are used in cold environments. This coupling is not configured for under wing refuelling.
According to ISO 45 / MS24484 / NATO STANAG 3105 / British Aerospace Specification 2C14

All units can also be used as bottom loading or primary points refuelling vehicles.

All units are manufactured to accept the international standard: 2,5" the point bayonet, hose end refuelling nozzles, according to: ISO 45 / MS24484 / NATO STANAG 3105 / British Aerospace Specification 2C14.

The couplings consist of high strength aluminium body, coupling ring in gunmetal and bayonet flange and inner parts in stainless steel and aluminium. All wetted parts in aluminium and stainless steel.

• Spillfree handling of hoses and loading arms for loading and unloading tank trucks, rail tankers and tank containers.

• Minimization of spillage and product loss keeps the environment free from Hazardous Vapors and Liquids.

• “Easy to Use” – design saves time.

• Reliability and easy servicing saves your investment.

• ISO 45 2,5" is compatible with existing aviation couplings according to STANAG 3105.

• Approvals according to the European Directives PED and ATEX and the international requirements ADR.

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