Marine version of SBCouplings are designed specifically to be installed within a hose string, where the coupling would have a length of hose attached to both

This coupling incorporates the same internal mechanism as our Industrial couplings, but has additional external features that provide increased resistance to
torsional and bending moment forces which may be applied to the coupling, preventing premature activation in the unpredictable marine environment.

Typical applications include ship to offshore platform, and ship to ship product transfer opertations.

• Passive security against situations where a hose or loading arm could be subjected to inadvertent excessive loads.

• Design features are a simple mechanism and no loose components which could belost after release.

• Operates independently of shut off safety system and does not require an externalpower source.

• Easy to reset on site with one person High flowrate / low pressure drop.

• Very low loss, positive shut-off of both coupling halves results in minimum product loss.

• Lightweight and robust design.

• Available with ANSI/DIN flanges or threaded (BSP or NPT).

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