Cryogenic Break-away Couplings

Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are a further development of our Safety Breakaway Couplings which has successfully been used to prevent pull-away accidents in the petroleum, chemical and LPG industry all over the world. The new range of Cryogenic Break-away Couplings can be installed either at fixed points or in the middle of hose strings.

The Cryogenic Break-away couplings are available as Industrial and Marine type.


Container discharge

Fuel bunkering

Loading/unloading of tank trucks, rail tankers, bunkering and tank vessels

Vapor recovery lines

Passive security against situations where a hose or loading arm could be subjected to accidental high loads

A simple mechanism and no loose components which could be lost after release.

Operates independently of shut off safety system and does not require an external power source.

Easy to reset on site with one person

High flowrate / low pressure drop

Very low loss, positive shut-off of both coupling halves results in minimum product loss.

Lightweight and robust design.

Available with ANSI/EN flanges or threaded (female NPT).

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