2 Tank and Fuel Cleaning

Water removal, Tank cleaning & Fuel restoration

Problems with water and degraded fuel in underground tanks can be a costly nightmare for fuel retailers and commercial fuel users. Leighton O’Brien provides a comprehensive solution for removing water, contaminants and restoring fuel quality.

Our 2-tiered service includes a quick and cost effective water removal service, and a comprehensive 3-stage tank cleaning and fuel restoration service to ensure premium fuel quality at all times.

Unlike other tank cleaning services, our patented technology sweeps the entire tank floor to remove free phase water from the tank, and only liquid waster (not fuel) is removed from site.

And we provide a visual water ingress report, product quality check and fuel inspection report on all tanks on site.

Our water pump out and fuel restoration services means you can manage:

  • Water issues including phase separation
  • Costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down
  • Bacterial and fungal activity
  • Problems with blocked filters
  • Malfunctioning pumps and automatic tank gauges
  • Power outages with critical emergency power back up systems
  • Costly replacement of degraded fuel stock
  • Fuel cleanliness to 2 microns
  • Water and contaminants  removed from entire tank floor
  • Convenience of a one day tank clean

Leighton O’Brien’s 2-tiered service includes:

Tier 1: Tank Water Removal

  • Removal of water using equipment traversing the entire tank floor from multiple access points.
  • Pumping into a 2,000 litre holding tank to settle.
  • All fuel from the holding tank is then filtered and returned to the underground tank.


Tier 2: Tank Cleaning & Fuel Restoration

  • All the benefits of Tier 1 plus removal of contaminants from the tank including rust particulate, bacterial sludge and foreign matter until clear and bright tank floor samples are achieved from multiple access points.
  • Filtration, conditioning and polishing of fuel to a filtration rate of 2 microns, with the option of biocide treatment and extensive delivery line flushing.
  • Remaining fuel in the settlement tank is treated and returned to the tank and waste disposed of in accordance with EPA and state regulations.
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