ROM II Onboard Monitors

Companies involved in the transportation and handling of hazardous bulk commodities rely on real world safeguarding against costly overfills every day and they rely on Civacon to provide it. The ROM II Overfill Detection Monitor is manufactured to deliver years of worry-free performance under the most rigorous conditions.

Its flexible 2-wire optic sensing system interfaces with optic, thermistor or float-type rack monitors. Unique patented, built-in diagnostics differentiate between non-operating sensors, broken or corroded connections. The ROM II continuously checks for any single point system failures more than 90 times per second.



Features & Benefits

  • Automatic and continuous checking for single point failures, more than 90 times every second
  • Overfill and bottom retain protection for up to six compartments
  • Universal compatibility with any loading rack; interfaces with optic, thermistor or float-type rack monitors
  • Three auxiliary inputs for brake interlocks, pressure sensors and other add-ons
  • Components and housings designed to stand up to real world conditions – stainless steel screws, greased electrical contact points, tin-coated copper wiring, machined grooves & O-rings, engineered drain holes all fight corrosion, ensure years of reliable service
  • Socket status light to confirm connection and power from rack
  • Retain reset timer including flashing status light
  • Replace sensor without opening manhole; reduces downtime
  • Simple diagnostics for troubleshooting The ROM II Overfill Detection System requires no programming

Downloads Product Information:

Rom II Overfill Monitor Brochure

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