Gravity Couplers 876C Series

Civacon's 876C Gravity Couplers are used in the unloading process to connect the 4" API adaptor to 3" or 4" hose connections. One handed operation frees up the operators second hand for maneuvering hoses around. They mate with 4" API RP-1004 tank truck adaptors.

The 876C Gravity Couplers come standard with aluminum bodies and Nitrile seals and hose connections which angle 15° downward for better drainage. If you want safer, faster unloads, you want Civacon's 876C Gravity Couplers.



Features & Benefits

  • Fast Positive Connection to a standard 4" API RP-1004 Loading Adaptor via a new Single-Cam Lever Design
  • One-Handed operation to install or remove the coupler
  • Cam Block "slides" down behind API lip at the top to minimize wear
  • New "Multi-Lip" Gasket provides multiple sealing surfaces against API Adaptor face
  • Drop Adaptor is pressure tested & rated to 45 PSIG (3 bars)
  • Industry Standard 3" & 4" male Cam & Groove 3" and 4" Female drop hoses
  • Cold climate field tested and rated to -40°F - 150°F (-40°C - 66°C)
  • Standard Low-Swell Nitrile Gasket
  • 19" Plated Steel Chain for strong securement

Downloads Product Information:

876C Gravity Coupler Brochure

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