875C Dust Cap

Civacon's 875C Series API Dust Caps are designed and tested to take the punishment of the long haul. Requiring just a one handed operation, the caps not only seal and hold pressure, but they retain their shape even if dropped or mishandled. The caps are lightweight, corrosion resistant and best of all, they utilize a special, proprietary coating that makes them extremely durable. The black finish will not chip or peel, even under extreme conditions.

Civacon's 875C API Dust Caps provide the durability - and more importantly - the pressure rated seal you demand.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum construction for maximum strength
  • Extended life and protects poppet face of API head
  • Ease of operation due to radial cam and lug design
  • Dust Cap meets AP RP1004 specifications
  • Pressure Rated Cap - Secondary Seal
  • Durable wide nitrile gasket creates pressure rated positive seal, also available in Viton material
  • Pre-cast hole in cap provided for security seal
  • 19" plated steel chain for strong securement
  • One handed operation to install or remove cap

Downloads Product Information:

875C Dust Cap Brochure

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