4" Aluminum Hybrid Butterfly Valve

Civacon's Aluminum body 4-inch TTMA Hybrid Butterfly Valve is the ideal solution for all of your wet or dry applications! It easily handles harsh, abrasive crude oil, and refined fuel products as well as any other compatible liquid, powder or abrasive service. This valve combines the durability of a traditional resilient seated butterfly valve, while incorporating the sleek, slim-line, compact body style of a common wet/dry valve. This hybrid valve is designed with the industry standard TTMA bolt pattern which can seamlessly replace any competitor's brand wet/ dry valve with no piping or configuration changes.

With its light weight, compact profile and the longevity of a durable, resilient seat, this valve is a valuable solution for all common transportation industry materials, wet or dry. It is available with a Black Nitrile or a Black Viton® Seat, Stainless Steel or Ductile Iron Disc, and an optional 10-position, aluminum metering (throttle) style handle.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight Compact Aluminum Body
  • Available with:
    • Black Nitrile (NBR) Seat and Ductile Iron Disc
    • Black Viton® A (FKM) Seat and Stainless Steel Disc
  • Applications include Crude Oil, Liquid, Powder and Refined Fuel Products
  • Industry Standard 4-inch TTMA Flange Mounting Pattern
  • 1-1/8" Thick body profile can easily replace competitor's wet/dry valves
  • 10-Position Aluminum Metering (throttle) Style Handle
  • Replaceable Seat
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 75psi
  • Temperature Range:
    • Black Nitrile -40° to 300°F (-40° to 148°C)
    • Black Viton® 0° to 400°F (-18° to 205°C)

Downloads Product Information:

Hybrid Butterfly Valve Brochure

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