Coriolis massflowmeter MFMU
A robust and reliable massflowmeter

The Satam mass flowmeter is used to measure the mass and density of viscous products such as heavy fuel oil, engine oil, bitumen or crude oil. Its excellent pressure resistance qualities combined with a design without any moving mechanical parts means it is also  capable of providing reliable and accurate measurements for liquid gases such as LPG.

Sectors of application: 
-Oil depots: product reception and loading stations for trucks, wagons and ships
-Oil production: transfers of products via pipeline
-Marine applications: loading and unloading of tankers
-Refineries: Internal metering and process control
-Fuel storage: Metering of heavy fuel oil at mixer intake
  • Direct measurement of mass without any correction for temperature or viscosity
  • Rugged and stable design with no specific request for flowhead supporting
  • Simple and robust design without any moving mechanical parts
  • Direct measurement of density for product identification
Main technical data: 
  • Mass accuracy: < ± 0,1 % for liquids and liquified gases / < ± 0,5 % for gases
  • Mass repeatability: < ± 0,025 %
  • Temperature accuracy : < ± 0,5 °C
  • Density accuracy: < ± 0.005 g/cm3 / <±0.002 g/cm3 after field calibration
  • Maximum flowrate: 1900 t/h
  • Minimuum flowrate: 0.26 t/h
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