LPG Metering Systems ZCE6-GPL
A ready made solution for LPG loading

Satam LPG metering units are designed for road tanker and railcar loading and unloading applications and also product transfer by pipeline. Available with the Coriolis mass flow meter, Satam ZCE6-GPL metering systems offer flexible design for customised custody transfer applications.

Sectors of application: 
-Road tanker and railcars loading station
-Reception units for road tanker, railcars and barges
-Pipeline product transfer metering
-Blending unit for LPG preparation
  • Direct measurement of mass with the Coriolis mass flow meter
  • Line pressure control in order to avoid degassing during the transaction
  • Flow computer for base volume calculation
  • secure data archiving and direct communication with the supervisory system
  • Additive injection control for odorising or injection of improver for road fuels
  • Management of security devices such as dead-man’s switch and grounding system
Main technical data: 
  • Meter: massflowmeter Coriolis effect model MFMU
  • Temperature measurement: integrated into MFMU
  • Pressure measurement : 4-20mA transmitter 0-40 bar
  • Metering valve: Pneumatic or electro (*) control valve, Small and large flow, authorization, flow control, line pressure control
  • Flow register device: Equalis with display and secure data archiving
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