Additive injection system Equablend MPA
A multipoint injection system

The Equablend MPA injector controller is capable of controlling anything between 1 and 16 AIM additive injector blocks simultaneously or individually in any combination. MPA can accept pulses from the most basic of mechanical counters to today's sophisticated flow computer.

Sectors of application: 
-Additive injection during fuels truck loading
-Preparation of jet fuels
-Fuels couloring
-Denaturizing of alcohol during biofuel preparation
  • Complete set of injection monitoring alarms including over / under injection alarm, no additive alarm and leaking solenoid alarm
  • Function « clean start / clean stop » in order to prevent any additive mixture
  • 1-16 additive injectors simultaneously or independantly controlled
  • Additive injection module with integral stainless steel strainer, outlet check valves, solenoid valves, oval gear meter
Main technical data: 
  • Meter accuracy < ± 0,5 % @ 3 mPa.s
  • Repeatability < ± 0,25 %
  • Injection flow rate : 0.01 L/mn to10 L/mn
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