Flow computer Equalis L
Multifunctional and highly communicative

Equalis L is a field batch controller designed for oil depots and terminals. It meets every requirement for road tanker, railcar and ship loading and unloading operations. Custody transfer certified, Equalis L is compatible with all volumetric and mass meters used in the oil industry. Equalis L’s electronic register can interface directly with most terminal automation and data management systems.

Sectors of application: 
-Road tanker andrail car loading and unloading
-Bio-fuels online and batch blending
-Custody measurement of fuels and bio-fuels
-Control of additives injection
-On-board road tanker metering : delivery of heating oil to private homes
-Fuel delivery to service stations
-Fuel delivery to worksites, ships, boiler rooms.
  • Modular: an open system that communicates directly with the SCADA system
  • User-friendly: direct access to pre-programmed functions
  • Compact: easy installation on road tankers
  • Approved for hydrocarbons custody transfer measurements
  • Multifunction and powerful associated software package for data collection, remote control of loading operations, maintenance and configuration
Main technical data: 
  • Meter inputs: 1 or 2 dual-pulse with flow direction
  • Digital inputs: 15 for grounding system, arm position, overfilling detection, additive volume, vapour recovery 1 for
emergency stop
  • Relay outputs: 10 (250V, 8A) for valve commands, pump, additive injection, alarm
  • Additive injection: control of 1 to 8 injection points per loading arm
  • Data Storage capacity: 500 000 transactions
  • Communication: RS 485 MODBUS, Ethernet TCP IP, RS232 for printer, USB for data transfer
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