Flow computer Equalis MPC
A compact and powerful batch controller

The Equalis MPC is a state-of-the-art electronic flow computer. It is designed to provide accurate volume registration of liquid petroleum products with or without temperature compensation.Designed for depot and mobile metering installations, the Equalis MPC is a state-of-the-art electronic flow computer. It benefits from the long term SATAM know-how and answers all the possible and demanding requirements, in particular thanks to its exceptional modularity.

Sectors of application: 
-Tanker truck and rail car loading and off loading
-Mobile metering installations
-Delivery of heating oil to individuals
-Delivery of fuels to service stations
-Delivery of fuels to worksites, ships, boiler rooms
  • Easy installation on tank trucks and compact assemblies
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Data bus for direct communication with SCADA system
  • Keyboard with direct access to pre-programmed functions
  • Wide screen to review stored transactions
Main technical data: 
  • Meter inputs : 1 or 2 dual-pulse with flow direction
  • Digital inputs : 8 for grounding system, arm position, overfilling detection, additive volume, vapour recovery 1 for emergency stop
  • Relay outputs : 6 (250V, 6A) for valve commands, pump, additive injection, alarm
  • Additive injection : control of 1 or 2 injection points per loading arm
  • Data storage capacity : 200 000 transactions
  • Communication : 2 x RS 485 MODBUS, RS232
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