Civacon Cabling has been engineered to survive the rigors of cargo tank operation in all challenging world-wide environments. Available in various length, harness and conductor options, Civacon Cabling is fabricated to meet the specific needs of each unique application and installation.

ROMLink Body Harness

The ROMLink Plug-N-Load body harness is available for multi-compartment trailers.
Harness extensions are also available for many trailer options.

ROM II Cables

Hard wire cabling for your overfill and retain systems. Available in 5 or 7 conductor multiple lengths.

Opti-Link Cables

Simple Plug-N-Load Wiring

Civacon's exclusive Plug-N-Load wiring system interconnects all of the Opti-Link components with simple, straight extension cables, making for an easy, clean installation on any tanker. Order a standard compartment kit or individual lengths based on your specific compartment needs. CIV extensions available for additional measurements.


Features & Benefits ROMLink Body Harness

  • Easy Plug and Load wiring system
  • Available in a variety of lengths for your trailer specification

Features & Benefits ROM II Cables

  • Special proprietary, fuel resistant jacket material
  • Hard wire cabling in 5 or 7 conductor options
  • Multiple lengths available

Features & Benefits Opti-Link Cables

  • Opti-Link Cables will connect your top and bottom probes
  • Variety of lengths will accommodate various trailer compartments and sizes
  • Harness Kits available for standard trailer compartment measurements
  • Individual/Replacement Cables allow you to order an exact length
  • Extensions available for additional measurement needs
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