1 1/2 Hp Fixed Speed - Submersible Turbine Pumps
1½ Hp Fixed Speed

Submersible Turbine Pumps

Marketers concerned about fueling times, efficiency, serviceability, reliability and overall quality find it an easy choice to specify FE Petro™ brand submersible turbine pumps (STPs). An STP has to be reliable, it has to be safe, and it has to perform. That's why thousands of station owners around the world have trusted FE Petro™ STPs and the Franklin Electric motors that drive them to keep their business flowing for over 25 years. With best-in-class flow rates and backed by a long history of dependability FE Petro™ STPs simply do their job without fail, delivering fuel to customers day after day without a hitch.

Active Air Eliminator

FE Petro™ brand STPs come standard with active air elimination, which eliminates air through the highest point in the pump head at all times when the pump is running, assuring air does not pass into discharge piping. 

Safety and Ease of Maintenance

FE Petro™ brand STPs include a contractor electrical disconnect, which requires loosening only one bolt, allowing motor wiring to be disconnected without venting the dangerous tank vapors into the sump when servicing FE Petro™ submersible products. 

Manual Pressure Relief

As a standard FE Petro™ feature a vent screw is provided to bleed line pressure to zero when necessary. By turning this screw, product is diverted back to the tank, dropping line pressure to zero. This reduces fuel discharged into the sump manhole or dispenser pan during servicing, further protecting service technicians and the environment. 

Simple Servicing

If ever required, the pump can be easily removed from the tank by unthreading three bolts. There is no need to disconnect the syphon system or to remove the leak detector from the system to service the STP. 

Variable Length

The VL2 pump fits 94% of all known tank diameters and tank bury depth combinations. The VL1 and VL3 are available to handle installations shorter or longer than this range. The telescoping connection is a patented FE Petro feature. Pump length can be set by making one simple measurement and setting the pump length without affecting the UL listing. 

Reliable Check Valve

The STP uses the proven FE Petro™ line check valve. At 2 ¾" in diameter, this valve reduces pressure loss at high flow rates resulting in faster fueling times. FE Petro™ line check valves are offered in multiple configurations to best suit your line leak application. 

Outlast, Outperform with Franklin Electric Inside

FE Petro™ STPs are powered by the legendary Franklin Electric motor and built for long term performance. Franklin Electric-powered submersible pumps provide maximum uptime and a proven track record in the fueling industry that spans more than four decades. They feature best-in-class flow rates and a long history of dependability.

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