KPS Pipework | 68 x 27 x 49 Inch Sump - S20-2-AGF
Remote Fill Sumps
For gasoline stations or fuel storage applications where a direct fill into the tank is not feasible, Fibrelite offers a complete line of remote fill sumps for nearly any piping application. Available in a wide variety of configurations, all sumps are designed to create the maximum space for installers to work. Fibrelite’s fill sumps are available completely pre-piped allowing installers to simply connect the fill piping to the exterior of the sump. If preferred, Fibrelite can also ship sumps unassembled for field installation.

Tank Farm

Fibrelite’s sumps provide strong and watertight secondary containment guaranteed not to warp, bend or flow after installation. All sump surfaces are made of fully molded fiberglass that provide a flat sealing face for the installation of penetration fittings.

To ensure a watertight installation, Fibrelite vacuum tests all fiberglass components of its sumps prior to shipment (fill sumps are factory tested to 24” water column). This provides customers with a high level of confidence that the sump will be watertight upon installation and throughout the lifetime of the site.


  • Watertight – structure will not deform under water pressure
  • Covers available in all API colors to ensure accurate product identification
  • Anti-static surface
  • Vacuum tested in factory to ensure watertightness
  • Available for both new and retrofit applications
  • Guaranteed uniform wall thickness
  • Compatible with biofuels

1737mm (68") x 686mm (27") x 1257mm (49") deep GRP above ground fill sump with hinged double door to fit up to 6 fill lines. System includes internal spill tray, pipework support rail and concrete tie fixings.

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