POLY-REX is Hose Master's line of polygonal interlocked metal hose. Constructed from T304, T316, T201, or Galvanized steel in a variety of different thicknesses, this product offers the most robust resistance to torsional stress, without sacrificing flexibility.

POLY-REX Features

  • Highly-resistant to torque
  • Durable, balanced interlocked construction
  • Bi-directional construction offers errorr-free connection

POLY-REX Specifications

  • Available in 1-1/2” through 16” nominal inside diameters
  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel alloys
  • Various strip thicknesses
  • Roughbore or Smoothbore constructions
  • Bulk lengths or fabricated assemblies

POLY-REX Applications

  • Dry bulk pneumatic conveying
  • Material handling
  • Pellet transfer
  • Bulk unloading

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