125mm Pipe Sealkit - Penetration Kit

Pipe and Cable Entry Sealkits

A major issue facing oil companies around the world is leaking pipework and cable penetrations through the chamber wall. Our range of pipe and cable entry sealkits provides the perfect watertight solution.

Wide Range of Solutions

Our Premier range of entry sealkits includes both single and double sided pipework sealkits. On fill and product lines, we recommend a double sided boot to provide extra protection. For retractable secondary contained pipework systems, we provide sealkits to fit specific pipework manufacturer's models. (Please refer to our brochure). Fibrelite provides an extensive range of conduit and cable penetration sealkits. Our sealkits fit ¾" steel or 32mm plastic conduit up to 4" (110mm) dia. pipework. We can seal directly against cables or to the conduit.

Vacuum Testable

We recommend that Fibrelite entry boots are vacuum tested during installation of Fibrelite chambers using our Sherlock vacuum testing system. The vacuum test will check the workmanship of the installer to ensure that it is watertight before it has been backfilled. Any potential leakpoints can be located easily and fixed during installation.

Resistant to Hydrocarbons

Fibrelite supply the highest grade of materials which have been extensively tested against hydrocarbons including ethanol blends to E85 and biodiesel to B20.

Quick and Easy to Install

Fibrelite entry boots are designed to be easy to install. Only one hole is drilled through the chamber wall, reducing the number of leak points often associated with additional screw holes. Components screw together to create a watertight seal.


Our mechanically sealed rubber entry boot provides flexibility to allow for ground and pipework movement. Whereas, a welded entry boot has a rigid joint, which can be subjected to stressful forces via pipework movement and may fail ovetime.

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