36 In square flat sealed cover and frame - FL900

Fibrelite manufactures the widest range of composite manhole covers for the Retail Fueling industry.

Fibrelite offers the Retail Fueling industry’s leading watertight, easy to remove, non-bolted cover in a large selection of shapes and sizes. From general tank sump access to multiport and single port fill sump applications to interstitial sumps and monitoring wells, Fibrelite has every application covered.

Fibrelite’s covers are available in any color and custom logos or markings can be molded into the upper surface of the cover for product or brand identification. All covers are available in Standard Duty (25 ton load rating) or Heavy Duty (40 ton load rating) for use in areas experiencing heavy wheel traffic such as diesel lanes, truck stops or bus depots.


  • Lightweight - no lifting injuries
  • UV resistant
  • Heavy duty (40 ton load rating) covers available
  • Round, square and rectangular (wide range of sizes)
  • Anti-slip surface - no costly injury claims
  • Anti-static - fully conductive
  • Will not corrode
  • Watertight, sealed design
  • No bolts required
  • Ergonomic, single person removal and replacement with Fibrelite lifting handle
  • Monolithic structure eliminates delaminating
  • Locks available for all covers
  • Available in any color
  • UK manufacturing facility ISO 9001: 2008 accredited


Innovative Design

Our patented internal structure allows Fibrelite to create a wide range of shapes and sizes that still provide the maximum load bearing capacity. Fibrelite’s high-strength one piece molded design allows for the industry’s only multiport or single port composite covers.

The Specifier's Choice

Fibrelite’s line of composite covers are considered the industry standard for their high strength and durability. For this reason, Fibrelite’s covers are often specified by designers when the application involves heavy wheel loads or the customer demands a long life cycle product. When compared to cheaper "copycat" composite products, Fibrelite’s covers will provide the end user with a long lasting product that will continue to perform years after installation.


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