Gauge Hatch

[MODEL NO. PFCI / GH / 2052]     
PRE'CON Model No. PFCI/GH/2052 Type 1 & 2 provide access for gauging or obtaining product samples from storage tank. The model incorporates positive cover which cover which assures a tight seal on tanks.
When a fire occure near the storage tank which is having flammable liquid, the heat is transmitted through the tank walls causing the liquid to vaporize more quickly this condition create a relatively high pressure & volume within the tanks vapor space. In the absence of required emergency relief, an explosion could occur, which may have disastrous effect on human life & property.

Special Features
Model No. PFCI/GH/2052 type 1 & 2 is designed with serrated foot paddle surface to avoid slippage of foot while opening.
This model permits use of both hands during gauging or sampling. Up on removal of pressure on foot paddle the cover will close due to gravity.
PRE'CON type 1 is available in soft seating surface where as the type 2 is available in metal to metal seating.
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