VISY - Stick Flex

VISY-Stick Flex for Tall Tanks

The flexible magnetostrictive sensor for Tall Tanks

The VISY Stick-Flex flexible magnetostrictive sensor is a practical and cost effective solution for accurately monitoring above ground fuel storage tall tanks with heights of up to 15 meters. Used together with any of FAFNIR’s leading VISY-Command control units,
all wet stock management and inventory control requirements can be automated,
allowing efficient management both on site and in the headquarter.


A Solution for the Most Complex Installation:

  • Digital magnetostrictive measurement technology
  • Consistently accurate fuel level monitoring
  • Temperature compensated volumes
  • Automatic delivery detection
  • User programmable in-tank alarms
  • Water detection option
  • Probe length up to 15m
  • Flexible construction for easy transportation and installation
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